Hyaluronic Acid Supplements: Benefits and Side effects

Hyaluronic acid supplements have received positive reviews from consumers all over the world. Yet there are a handful of people who questioned the efficacy of these products as they are also used in horse. The question is why would people use these supplements when they are used in horses as well? Are they safe? Do they work at all?

Source and Composition

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is naturally occurring in the human's body. It can be found within the collagen in the body and holds water to keep collagen hydrated and youthful. The skin contains 50 percent of the body's hyaluronic acid.

Commercial sources of hyaluronic acid are manufactured from cock's combs, chicken cartilage, and microbial fermentation from vegetables. Hyaluronic acid supplements are needed by the body as hyaluronic acid can be oxidized prematurely in the body from excess intake of vitamin B2, UV radiation exposure, or viruses.

Oral Supplements versus Injectables

Most people take oral hyaluronic acid supplements as they assume that it is safer than the injectables. This assumption may be true, but the efficacy of injections has been proven to be greater than those taken orally.

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molecular weights that make them very effective in moisturizing the skin. Scientists claimed that if these supplements have very large molecular weights, the gastrointestinal system will have a hard time absorbing the compound. When taken orally, hyaluronic acid supplements may not be readily absorbed by the body.

To remedy this concern, a lot of nutritional supplement manufacturers have boasted that their oral hyaluronic acid supplements are already modified and have low molecular weights. This development assures the customers that oral supplements can already be absorbed and will definitely work.

Studies among people who take oral supplements regularly have shown that wound healing, skin moisture, and smoothness were improved. Their greatest benefit was shown in people who have joint function problems.

Side Effect

For hyaluronic acid supplements that come in forms of pills, creams, serums or liquids, adverse effects are not known. However, with knee and facial injections, various side effects have been exhibited.

Exhibited but less common side effects of hyaluronic acid knee injections are redness or bruising of the affected skin area, difficulty in swallowing, cough, flu, nausea, and dizziness. Other reported adverse effects include skin rash, hives, stuffy nose, chest tightness, breathing problems like wheezing and swelling of the face, lips, or eyelids.

When one wants to have facial injections of hyaluronic acid, make sure to mention to your doctor past allergic reactions. One should also take note that hyaluronic acid gels do not contain the anesthetic lidocaine. One should expect that the injections may be painful.

Before taking any hyaluronic acid supplements, research about the chosen product first and check for positive/negative reviews online. You can even ask your own doctor for any suggestion. It would be better to buy trial products first to avoid spending too much money. You may also end up being allergic to the product.